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Yay LJ's back

For now...

Well I thought I would do a little update.

1) nearly finished my Pinkie Pie costume or Otakuthon

2) I slammed my car door on my index finger today...

Yeah you heard me right... I slammed it on my index finger... I was like O.O WTF how do I get out of this... of course the hand of my index finger decided to keep clutching my keys... and as I tried to pry them from my clutched fingers I got my finger out...


Flex finger slowly....

I got some ice at work and well looks like my finger is ok...
but not really scared or frightened... I was mostly... >.< Ok that was stupid more than anything else.
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OMG I love Otomen

It's a manga and well I am just in love with it... and now it's a LIVE ACTION WOOT!

Sexy asuka is sexy and that sensei is just too damn funny

Part 2

this is so KAWAII!
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Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

I have to try that one soon :D

well back from Anime North... Wish one of my tires hadn't exploded >.<... but hey... life... at least I was able to find a replacement quickly. because driving 80 Km/h on a highway is LOOOOOONG >.
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UPS won!

welll Ups won... package got here faster even though it was sent out later than the Canada post one...

I would like to give a razzies though for ecological reasons... They sent me a HUGE box for a normal letter sized book... It was well packed but... still I think it was excessive packaging. Not eco friendly at all.
but still nice that this book made it here.
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Roy_Ed Lucky Star!

UPS versus Canada post who will win?

Amazon seems to always take the stupidest decisions.

I ordered 3 books and they shipped 2 together and one alone... I took the Supersaving shipping.

My first question is... Why do you split the order? It's like 3 books not 50. Wouldn't it be cheaper to send them together than to pay another shipping fee? I really don't understand this... well I don't pay for the shipping but still.

And then I realise... they shipped one box by Canada Post and the other by UPS...

Again... WHY? I really don't get it, not only do they pay in 2 places but they have different fees? and I really can't see how UPS comes out cheaper.

::scratches head:: It's kinda like at where I work where logic doesn't work...

well both packages are in Quebec this morning so I guess they will be both delivered today... so it's a race now who's more efficient... Canada Post (who was shipped first) or UPS who got shipped later the same day.

my life is so riveting....
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The Machina has LANDED :D

WHOOHOOOO! my junk cast Machina has arrived :D he'll need a lot of love but I am so happy with him :D He stands like a trooper :D He's gonna need some sanding and a few filling here and there but OMG he's awesome!!! I don't think he's so bad off in the fixing department... his flaws make him stand out (as well as his miss-matched parts. He looks so awesome and one of a kind :) I'll post pictures soon He came with a helmet and wow he's just so frigging great!He poses like a charm too :D

oooh I am going to have so much FUN with him :D might give him steampunk eyes... yeah that would be cool! and metalling paints... mmm maybe led eyes? heheh in any case he's going to take a while but hell it's going to be awesome when I finish him :)

YAY Thanks Batchix for an awesome doll

and my Resinsoul package finally updated today they are in Vancouver now... My Machina arrived Friday at Vancouver so maybe it will get there for my birthday :D
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Roy_Ed Lucky Star!

OMG I finally GOT ONE!!!

OMG I just paid a Machina boy O.O WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!
Okay he's a Junk cast but MAN... I'll have all summer to actually WORK on him and YAAAAAY! OMG so excited :D Okay calm down and hope your tax return comes in fast LOL

Well Molly grue is going to come home a lot later but DAAAAAMN I am so HAPPY!!!!

Oh god I am so in the level of Otaku from Kuragehime... oh gosh I'm such an OTAKUUUU!!!!!

Finally I just didn;t think I just grabbed him! He'll need a lot of work I don;t CARE!

I am seriously freaking out
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